No plastics left behind

Pi Polymer Recycling addresses one of the most pressing and topical environmental issues of current times – the failure to manage post-consumer plastic flows with a consequential loss of resources and contamination of our ecosystem with man-made plastic waste. Our large rigid plastic processing system is a fully integrated and scalable system to take mixed large rigid plastics from waste to non-waste separated polymers. Outputs produced include washed regrind and pellets and our system offers opportunities for new facilities across the UK and in other global jurisdictions.

Ourfirst facility at the Binn Eco Park in Tayside, Scotland is supported by a £570,000 grant from the Zero Waste Scotland Circular Economy Fund to support delivery of 33000 sqm facility with the capacity to recycle up to 20,000 tonnes of mixed rigid plastics. The Pi Polymer Recycling system for recycling large rigid plastics provides part of the solution to resolving the need for innovation in new processes and infrastructure.